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      Clinical Specialties

      Emergency Ultrasound

      Point-of-care ultrasound in the emergency department has become more than just a diagnostic fascination in recent years. It has become the standard of care. PEP has embraced the utilization of ultrasound in our practice of Emergency Medicine and have state of the art high quality ultrasound equipment available in the ED at all times in all of our Emergency Departments.  Dr. Allison is our current ultrasound director. A PEP physician since 2003, he went to medical school at the University of Tennessee, Memphis, and did his residency training in Emergency Medicine at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio.

      Emergency Medical Services

      PEP has the great fortune of having two additional EMS specialty physicians Dr. Sara Brown and Dr. Christian Bridgwater who integrate all levels of EMS care, including First Response, BLS regionally, inter-hospital MICU transport and Air Medical Transport.

      As a testament to its commitment to EMS, PEP has dedicated an additional EMS director to each satellite hospital. This allows an additional layer of involvement to help keep the pulse of each individual sub-system and allows easy, direct access for the EMS providers while letting them maintain their individual medical control.

      RISK MANagement

      PEP feels that teamwork, great clinical skills, and ongoing education are keys to risk management in the Emergency Department.  We strive to hire great physicians and physician assistants that understand these principles, and are willing to work together to provide excellent patient care 24/7.  We have monthly educational meetings with various clinical topics presented, as well as regular review of patient's perception of our care, along with required online risk management courses on a bi annual basis.  

      Simulation Training Lab

      PEP has been fortunate to partner with the Parkview Mirro Research Center and offer monthly Simulation sessions for our fellows any of our physicians and physician assistants. Dr Morrison has led this charge, and regularly provides these simulations/refresher courses on Airway management, Ultrasound, Trauma Resuscitation, Medical resuscitation, Intraosseous Infusion, and Central Venous Access.  This has been a huge benefit to our fellows and has also shown to be beneficial to our current providers.

      Quality COMMITTEE

      Dr Sheila Pittenger and Dr Brad Warner chair our ED quality committee that meets monthly in Allen County.  We review and actively look for process changes that would positively impact our patients, physicians, physicians, nurses, techs, lab, pharmacy, and radiology.  This has led to several quality projects that have improved our patient flow, decreased lab turn around time, and efficient consistent processes to provide state of the art stroke care.

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