PEP was founded in 1972, and currently provides physician and physician assistant staffing at the following hospitals: Parkview Regional Medical Center and Parkview Randallia Hospital in Fort Wayne, Parkview Huntington Hospital, Parkview Lagrange Hospital, Parkview Noble Hospital, Parkview Warsaw Free Standing Emergency Department, Parkview Wabash Hospital, Parkview Whitley Hospital, Cameron Memorial Hospital, and Dekalb Health. Parkview Regional Medical Center is the largest hospital in northeast Indiana, and is an ACS accredited Level 2 Adult and Pediatric trauma center, as well as accredited chest pain center and primary stroke center. The new facility opened March 17, 2012. Total annual volume for the group exceeds 200,000 patient visits, and the group includes 68 full times emergency department physicians, 39 physician assistants, and 28 administration and billing staff. The group is also involved in overseeing the Parkview EMS program, including Samaritan transport program, which includes two helicopters and a ground MICU, Parkview Community Paramedicine program, and 23 ground ambulance units.

Our Mission & Vision

PEP is a group of dedicated emergency medical health care professionals, striving to provide quality emergency care in Northeast Indiana to all who present themselves to us. We will provide this care in an efficient, compassionate, and interdependent professional manner, so that we can make a difference in the lives of our patients and their families. Develop and enhance to our highest potential both professionally and personally, a group of emergency physicians and physician assistants that can provide quality health care with a team spirited approach in those hospital emergency departments that will benefit from our care.

Since 1972

PEP has been the Emergency Physician coverage group for Parkview Hospital since 1972. We have expanded over the past 45 years to now cover 24/7 the emergency departments of all of Parkview Health, Cameron Memorial Community Hospital, and Dekalb Health.

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PEP Is Key To ER Patient Care

Developing A Quality Culture In Emergency Medicine

The challenges in Emergency Medicine seem to travel from hospital to hospital, sometimes one issue a little “hotter” than another, but the issues seem to always be similar. That is one reason PEP is a member of the 100% ACEP club, and has been for the past several years. The focus of our group is to improve the quality of Emergency medical Care across the region, so that anyone that lives in the region would have access to excellent emergency care.

To accomplish this, we focus on educational opportunities for all of our providers and strong relationships with our colleagues in other specialties, working to learn from each other, and to deliver care in as much “teamwork” approach as possible. We hold a two-hour educational meeting every month for our doctors and physician assistants, with lectures given by either a local physician or a national ACEP speaker. The focus is usually clinical talking about new technology, new interventions, or reviewing our stroke/cardiac/trauma care we have delivered, or may include risk management or the “core measures” that everyone has to report to CMS. These are in addition to our monthly hospital trauma M and M meetings we hold in conjunction with Surgery/Ortho/Neurosurgery/Intensivists, and others.

Electronically, we moved in March of 2011 to Allscripts, with full physician order entry and electronic documentation. Soon, we will be moving to EPIC, with the promise of better connectivity with the patient’s current medical record, and the opportunity to enhance the quality of care, eliminate unnecessary duplication, and be able to process actions with other parts of the system with better communication. Knowing this, it will be a huge challenge, but one that we have been preparing for and will be

ready, cautiously optimistic about the opportunity. We will continue to use Dragon Voice Recognition as our “scribe”, hoping to maintain productivity.

We have been fortunate to have gained an ED pharmacist who has helped facilitate medication dosing and dispensing, leading to quicker times getting patients critical meds, and freeing up the always overworked nursing staff to help with other patient care issues.

Moving into the new 40 bed ED plus 8 bed CDU has been our biggest challenge of 2012, as bigger patient rooms and efforts to increase family privacy and space makes it further for us to travel, we all get a little more tired after our shifts. Our new hospital of 400+ beds really did only take 4 days to fill up and then we had to come up with plan “b.” I am glad to say that we have fully recovered and are moving ahead with an emergency department that is now fully staffed with quality nurses/tech/PA's and physicians, and we are moving forward to always improve our door to provider times, total patient visit times, and more effective, efficient, and quality care.

In closing, I would like to point out that Indiana ACEP has been a great resource for our group through networking and the annual educational programs and we hope to grow that relationship with as many docs around the state that we can, in an effort to help us all deliver better emergency care across the state.

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Our Leaders

Medical Directors

  • Nathan Allison, MD, FACEP - Parkview LaGrange
  • Chrissy Preusz, MD - Parkview Noble
  • Mike Myers, MD, FACEP - Parkview Whitley
  • Jeff Nickel, MD, FACEP - Parkview Regional Medical Center
  • Chris Steffy, MD - Parkview Huntington
  • Katherine Cassidy, MD - Wabash Hospital
  • Tyler Johnson, DO, FACEP - Dekalb Health
  • Al Emilian, MD - Cameron Memorial Hospital

EMS Directors

Parkview Administrative Leaders

  • Mindy Kurtz, ED Director
  • Audrey Hunnicutt, PRMC Director
  • Alyssa Hamilton, OP Lead PRMC
  • Bob Flade, Randallia Manager

Physician Assistants

  • Courtney Poswinski, MD, Physician PA Liaison
  • JoAnn Beecher, PA Director

Samaritan Flight Program

  • Chris Bridgewater, DO, FACEP

ED Ultrasound

Fellowship Director


  • Roderick Morrison, MD, FACEP, FAAEM

PEP Administrative Leaders

  • Joe Pressler, BSN, RN, Chief Operations Director
  • Nick Voirol, Director of Finance
  • Connie Chapman, Credentialing Specialist / 
  •                                  Fellowship Administrator
  • Donna Allshire, Billing and Coding Manager

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